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        Taught in English

        English teaching summary, here you can find all the English teaching course information, you can directly online apply for the school's course.

        Ranking of Studyinchina

        To study in China, you can see which schools, professional and more popular, to apply for your study in China to provide a reference.

        Studyinchina news

        Study in China starts here


        Clinical Medicine

        2016 Summer Camps in Chinese Universities

        Have a summer of fun and friendship, doing great activities while improving your Chinese or getting frontier information? Come to Chinese universities. In one to sixt weeks with the summer Intensive program, you’ll complete the equivalent of one year of university-level coursework.

        FAQs for Foreign Students to Study in China

        In most universities of China, the main subjects will include philosophy, economics, law, mathematics, pedagogy, literature, history, natural science, engineering science, medicine, management science, etc.