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        Admissions Ambassador study in china


        Join us, make international friends,?
        enrich your experience, and get a handsome income

        ●?招生大使资格?Who can join us

        1. 认同Admissions.cn经营理念,有团队合作精神,业务开拓能力强;
          Value identifying, team working, ambitious and capable;
        2. 有成功推荐留学中国的学生案例。
         Evidence of sending students to China.

        ●?招生大使好处?Benefits you get

        1. 《招生大使授权证书》;
          ”Ambassador Authorisation”;
          Sustainable, stable and considerable payment;
          More opportunities to take part in’s activities;
        4. 年度评比,优秀者有机会获得创业基金(1000美金/年);
          ”Excellent ambassadors of the year” will get 1000USD start-up sponsorship;
          Be the sole partner in your country;
          Privilige to get scholarship updates for study in China.

        ●?招生大使职责?Your responsibility

        1. 品牌宣传:负责宣传推广Admissions.cn平台;
          Brand promotion: to promote;
        2. 学生推荐:向Admissions.cn推荐准留学生。
          Student recommendation: to recommend potential self-financed students to

        ●?招生大使申请流程?How to apply

        1. 在线填写《招生大使申请表》;
          Fill up the online application form;
          Sign an agreement with us, and get the “Ambassador Authorisation.

        ●?关于我们?About us

        1. Admissions.cn成立于2004年,总部北京;
          Founded in 2004, headquartered in Beijing;
        2. Admissions.cn为全球最大的来华留学招生联盟;
          World’s largest university union of student recruitment;
        3. 拥有100+站点,2000+种课程,覆盖中国90%以上院校;
          100 sites and 20,000 courses to cover over 90% colleges and universities around China;
        4. 为来华留学生提供一站式申请服务。
          Offering one-stop free services for students to study in China.

        ●?联系我们?Contact us

        Fill up the online application form

        long press or scan the QR code